Dream Result Facilitator -Four Per Cent International Conference 2017 Orlando

Four Per Cent International Conference June 19th – 21st, 2017 in Orlando, Florida was the first one from the Four Per Cent where we all met up with the founder Vick Strizheus and top experts in  their field as well as other four percent conference attendees who were all present to plant our flags in support of being in the four percent.

The environmental exposure over the three days was electric with the main aim of meeting everyone in person to prove that they are genuine and all support and share the vision and the aim of the four per cent of creating independent entrpreneurs.

All the speakers spoke from the heart and were all so passionate in their fields of expertise sharing what they are doing on a daily basis that gave them results and this training is second to none.

This inaugural  Four Per Cent International Conference 2017 Orlando was a success and it gave everyone present the hope and vision that will help everyone else who shares our vision to help others to become independent entrepreneurs and help others as well.

Vick Strizheus

FourPercent Group founder, world class marketing expert, top internet entrepreneur, business coach.

wayneglifestyle- Dream Result Facilitator Vick Strizheus

Les Brown

World’s leading motivational speaker and success trainer.


Tony Horton

Creator of P90X, the most influential man in health and fitness.


Dave Vanhoose

Inventor of Presentainer Technology, world’s top influence, persuasion & presentation trainer.



Forbes Riley

Award-winning TV host, author, life coach to celebrities and CEO’s.




Anthony Morrison

Internet entrepreneur, business coach, TV personality, author, genius marketer.




Adrian Morrison

Facebook Expert




Josh Earp

World top SEO expert, coach to billionaires, celebrities and top leaders.




Chris Record

Co-Founder of Tecademics, world class internet entrepreneur, trainer.




Tanya Willis

Industry top photographer, creator of Engagement Secrets.




Tim Karsliyev

Founder of @DailyDose, Instagram mega-influencer, creator of Insta Traffic Mastery.




Dustin Mathews

Speaking and marketing expert, trainer for Inc 500 companies.




Jack Cohen

World class CPA, 33-year IRS veteran, nation’s top tax expert.




Steve “The Hurricane”

The master emcee, world class business coach & strategist.


Other Four Percent Action Taking Conference Attendees



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